What are Ally LIVE Graphic Market Maps?

The Ally LIVE Market Map is not your average market map. Instead of a time-consuming, flat, one-off map that quickly becomes out-of-date, Ally’s LIVE Graphic Market Map provide instant, relevant talent pools—all in real-time and an easy-to-read format, in your branding. At a glance, you’ll spot opportunities and be able to start engaging with high- value candidates, immediately, gaining a 1 to 2 week head start over your competitors.

How do Ally LIVE Graphic Market Maps work?

You give us a brief and your Ally will dedicate their time to working exclusively on the market intelligence needed to build a comprehensive, graphic map, specific to your candidate requirements. The level of research your Ally carries out means no rock is left unturned in their quest for the best possible talent for your brief. What’s more, the market intelligence we gather is never shared with anyone else. Your Ally LIVE Market Map is for you, and you alone.

Each Ally LIVE Market Map is tailored to your own branding, is interactive and links directly to LinkedIn profiles. We can also adapt the map to match your Diversity and Inclusion criteria. 

Once built, your Ally LIVE Market Map is updated every morning, so that you have only the most current information on movers and joiners. 

What are the benefits of Ally LIVE Graphic Market Maps? 

  • Get high-quality, relevant, up-to-date market research—fast
  • Gain a 1-2 week competitive advantage 
  • Get back two days of your work week

In a candidate-driven market, Ally LIVE Market Maps allow you to break into new markets and find suitable candidates en masse, fast. Instead of interpreting long reports, you can see all current movers and joiners quickly. Since your Ally keeps the candidate pools up-to-date, you only ever get the most relevant information. And, since the market research your Ally does for you is not shared with anyone else, you get the competitive edge.

The Ally LIVE Market Map takes away the tedious, labour-intensive work that typically needs to be carried out every few weeks. Ally LIVE Market Maps give you back the time you need to do what you do best.

What our clients say

Our clients love the speed and ease of the Ally LIVE Graphic Market Maps. Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

“I can’t underestimate what a game changer market mapping is when it comes to targeting individuals . . . it is going to save me a monumental amount of time . . . and enable me to spend a lot more time in areas where I can add the most value. I can’t recommend Ally high enough and as I scale up in the future, I will certainly be adding more Ally analysts to my team.”

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