About the Team

Ally was formed on the basis there is a clear gap in the market for high quality, lower cost offshore research. Ally’s core focus is quality of research and a genuine care for its customers. Ally management have a background in serving investment banks, lawyers and professional services and felt the rigour historically applied to these sectors could benefit serving the search and recruiter community.

Greg Simidian

Greg is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ally. Greg with Manish his Co-Founder, spent 25 years building global financial data products… they thought they could use the protocols, systems and tough lessons learned serving banks and lawyers, to serve the Search/Recruitment community, and they can 😊 the other half of the story is most of Greg’s friends are in search, he thought they seemed to spend too much time doing ‘stuff’ that was not customer oriented. So, Ally was born. In his spare time, he gets beaten up by younger, better guys at Jiu-Jitsu.

Manish Dhanuka

Manish is the Co-Founder and Head of India at Ally. Manish builds amazing teams in India, he does this by looking after people – developing, coaching, and supporting them. “A culture of quality and care”. The other element is rigorous processes, controls, checks and systems that have one goal… “quality of research”, or put another way: “relevance to the brief”. Manish is ruled by a rod of Iron/wife called Purvi, who also manages operations for India (the real boss).

Purvi Dhanuka

Purvi Dhanuka is Head of Operations at Ally India (and a very busy mum), she is a trained civil engineer with 10 years’ experience in operations and accounts. Purvi as well as being Manish’s wife, is the engine room of Ally India, she keeps it and all of us in line.

Arushi Bhardwaj

Arushi is Head of Learning & Development India at Ally. Arushi has designed and implemented the intensive and thorough training programs all our new analysts must pass before they see a client. One key outcome is our guys understand and act out our “our culture of quality and care”. Arushi trained in research at Hedrick & Struggles and Microsoft to name two. Arushi is that person in the meeting that doesn’t say too much, but when she does, we all go quiet and listen.

Carley Quigley

Carley Quigley is Head of Marketing at Ally. Carley is a Jedi at turning our continual unreasonable requests into effective and cool results, also running her successful agency Grey Dog and raising three little people, whilst annoyingly making it look easy. Carley’s main ethos when it comes to marketing and client comms is to “keep it real and have integrity” two of Ally’s core values.

Saad Ansari

Saad is both Head of Technology, a Senior Team Lead and has been a part of Ally since its inception. He oversees all tech operations; analysing the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs. He is also responsible for new product development and facilitating business intelligence. The major focus being direct client value and using tech to support Ally’s ability to effectively and efficiently scale . Saad also leads a team of analysts overlooking delivery for multiple clients, ensuring their growth and development. This dual role is invaluable in keeping close to the commercial needs of the business. Saad has an MBA from the University of Mumbai and been part of various product development teams in multiple tech start-ups.