We do the heavy lifting for you

Candidate research and business development is all about process, accuracy and insights. That takes intelligence, commitment, and time. The only thing you’re short of is the last one.

We help you free up time so you’re doing what you do best: finding great people for your clients and generating value. Our core offerings include Market Maps, Long Lists, Lead Generation, Recruitment Virtual Assistant and Talent Analytics.

In addition to these key services, we offer:

Ally Long List

Your Ally specialist will create a long list of potential candidates based on your brief. You detail the role, the organization, and the client’s requirements, and your Ally specialist will research the potential candidates.

You will get a detailed list in whatever format you need—Excel, Live Documents, LI Project—with up to 20 different types of criteria, including:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Languages
  • Industry experience in years / months
  • LinkedIn Profile link
  • With “open to opportunities” highlighted

Ally Market Map

Ally Market Maps allow you to easily understand and interpret the entire market of talent in your chosen function or sector. A straightforward Excel spreadsheet, Ally Market Maps provide a comprehensive overview of the market. Gain insights into skill levels, geographical location and expectations of talent pools so that you can attract premium talent. Additional criteria mapping is also available. 

Ally LIVE Visual Market Map

Ally’s LIVE, Graphic Market Maps provide instant, relevant talent pools for target organisations and functions—all in real-time and an easy-to-read format in your branding. These maps contain sector or company hierarchical structure lines and can be updated on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see and start engaging with high-value candidates, gaining a head start over your competitors. What’s more, the research your Ally delivers is not shared with anyone else, making it exclusive to you, and you alone.

  • Immediately accessible high-quality candidate pools
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Break new markets
  • Potentially two days of your work week back

Ally Lead Generation

We provide opportunity mapping and in three different kinds of reports, depending on your requirements and priorities.

  • Vacancy: All relevant open job vacancies from different job portals for the relevant functions.
  • Market Intelligence: All current news articles for your relevant industry/list of firms that cover any potential business development opportunities for you.
  • Contact Map: Specific titles of the decision-makers from the list of firms shared by you. (We can also add the contact information available from extensions.)

Ally Talent Analytics

Ally Talent Analytics provides you with a historical and continuously updated analytical review of movement to and from your organisation. This analysis is coded by multiple criteria, such as company, country, ethnicity, gender and department and can be linked to employee HR records, such as appraisals and development investment. This gives you near-time, key insights into understanding why staff join, stay or leave an organisation.

Ally’s customisable talent analytics report is ideal for recruiters with retained clients who want to get a better understanding of trends in their talent pools.

Additional Services

Ally Candidate Outreach

Your Ally analyst can send in-mails or emails to the shortlisted candidates based on your process.

CRM Integration

Your Ally analyst can be trained on the CRM system used internally by you and can help with diverse services available on your CRM.

Ally Recruitment Virtual Assistant

Your assigned Ally Recruitment Virtual Assistant will support you with any recruitment tasks you need to outsource, such as creating job descriptions, posting job openings online, reviewing applications and scheduling interviews.

Ally People Moves

A weekly or daily alerts system that lets you know the joiners, promotions and role changes (source LinkedIn) for a predetermined list of companies.

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