2022 Year in Review: Recruitment Research, Work Culture and Industry Outlook

Ally’s 2022 in numbers

Thanks to our clients and team, we had a fantastic, expansive year here at Ally. We have reached some key milestones and have provided our clients with the highest quality talent research.

Ally’s talent research gets results

We have been humbled by the number of our clients who have generously given their time to speak about their experience of working with Ally. Each client reports that by working with us, they are freed up to focus on developing their business, with impressive results.

Daniel Ball of The Early Careers Company & Foundation reported exponential growth, with an almost £4 million run rate, thanks in part to the recruitment support Ally provides on lead generation. As Daniel says, Ally is ‘a huge part of our infrastructure, our success and our growth today.’

Paddy Delany of NORTH º SEARCH says it was a ‘no-brainer’ for him to sign up to Ally after his initial trial period. He describes working with Ally as ‘a really nice iterative, fluid process’ and that within just the first month, he saw ‘some real tangible results.’ Paddy goes on to say that working with Ally has ‘made a big difference to our business in terms of giving us the confidence to be able to take on more work and knowing that we have essentially an extension of our business, another team member who is working and developing these really strong and sort of complex data sets and candidate lists for us.’

To hear more from our clients, please visit our testimonials page.

Nurturing a positive work culture

At Ally, our number one focus is our people. We spent 2022 establishing and developing our culture of quality and kindness. Creating a positive work culture and environment is one of our top priorities in 2023 and we will kick the year off with the opening of our first physical office space in Mumbai! In 2023, we will continue to focus on investing in learning and development to provide holistic support for our bright, ambitious and hard-working staff.  

At the beginning of 2022, we launched our emerging leaders mentorship programme, designed to nurture the leadership skills of our current team leaders, senior research analysts and customer success managers. This programme included weekly support sessions, assignments, and faculty evaluations for each participant. On completion of the course, participants all received a certificate.

Driven by the success of this programme, we now have a strong mentoring culture, as well as a rewards and recognition programme for our rising stars and best mentors. This year, we are excited to launch Expert Pod, an intense, individualised training programme for our future leaders. This marks a significant step in our learning and development journey and we look forward to sharing more about this initiative and our unique approach to personal development and training. 

Promoting talent

Attaining and retaining the best people is a constant for us. And by ‘the best people,’ we don’t just mean in terms of academic ability; our team is highly qualified, but more than that, they are kind. It is this element of kindness that is vital to our success. We are fortunate to have such talented team members and are proud to be in a position to nurture their growth. In 2022, we were thrilled to have offered the following promotions.

  • Saad Ansari – Delivery Lead 
  • Anamika Sonavane – Team lead
  • Sakshi Shirsilla –  L&D specialist
  • Tanya Ahuja and Shruti Tawde –  Assistant Team Lead
  • Ashwini Loke, Inheeta Saleem, Mehak Chutani, Khadija Qureshi, Nikita Sarkar –  SRA

Congratulations to all!

Current outlook for recruiters

For the past couple of years, the recruitment market has been candidate-driven. Post-COVID 19, we have seen major shifts in candidates’ priorities, expectations and attitudes around work. This has led to recruiters coming up against increasing workloads and the need to fulfil a large number of roles in tight timeframes. However, with an economic downturn looming, we will see a move towards a more market-driven recruitment market where business development and improving lead generation capabilities will be more important than ever. 

In this blog, Ally’s CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Simidian discusses what’s working and what isn’t in recruitment process outsourcing and outlines how working with Ally’s recruitment services gives recruiters the time they need to develop and grow their businesses.

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