Outsource candidate research to enhance your business development strategy

When you’re in a business development phase, the pressure is on. You need to secure leads, gain insights into target companies, engage potential clients, close new deals, and ultimately foster business growth. These objectives can often feel elusive as time-poor recruiters often get stuck in research bottlenecks, while also having to deal with major shifts in the market and their own businesses. Standing out from the crowd is an essential part of a good business development strategy but getting the right research together for effective, personalised outreach can be a struggle. Ultimately, these obstacles to effective business development can damage your ability to meet your objectives and win clients.

The power of effective research and personalised outreach in business development strategy

The need for efficiency during a business development phase is crucial. That’s where Ally comes in, offering you a game-changing solution to maximise your business development efforts. At the core of Ally’s service is their commitment to in-depth company and candidate research, which empowers your business development efforts in the following ways:

1. Vacancy mapping

  • Ally maps out all open positions posted by target companies on LinkedIn and their websites.
  • This candidate research helps you stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you are aware of potential opportunities within your sector.

2. Key decision-maker mapping

  • Researching and identifying your target companies is just the beginning.
  • Ally goes a step further by mapping out key decision-makers, generating top-quality leads and allowing you to establish connections with the right people. 
  • This research-backed, personalised approach truly enhances the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

3. People moves

  • Ally keeps you updated on personnel changes, identifying who is leaving and joining your target companies.
  • They also map out key new C-suite appointments, helping you identify influential figures within your industry.
  • Additionally, they highlight candidates who have expressed their interest in new opportunities, giving you a pool of highly valuable leads to tap into.

4. Talent analytics

  • Ally curates research-backed attrition and talent analytics reports, giving you an in-depth understanding of your target companies. 

5. Curated outreach

  • Armed with a wealth of research, Ally crafts curated and highly personalised outreach messages tailored to your specific needs.
  • This level of customisation ensures that your messages are not only more engaging but also more likely to yield results.
  • Ally can execute your first round of outreach through LinkedIn Inmail or email, ensuring your carefully crafted messages reach the right people.

By working with Ally, you gain a dedicated resource to focus on compiling high-quality and effective research. This means you can:

  • Save time on research: Ally’s services allow you to reclaim valuable time previously spent on research, which you can now allocate to building and growing your business.
  • Increase efficiency: With research bottlenecks eliminated, your business development phase becomes more efficient and streamlined.
  • Be pitching ready: Armed with in-depth insights, you’re better equipped to craft more accurate and compelling pitches to potential clients.
  • Win more clients and increase your revenue: Ultimately, the results of your efforts are reflected in increased revenue and business growth.

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