New emerging leaders training programme

We have some exciting news at The Ally Venture! Arushi Bhardwaj, Head of Learning and Development, has been working hard on a new training programme, called Emerging Leaders, designed to nurture the leadership skills of our current team leaders, senior research analysts and customer success managers. Starting at the end of February, this will be a seven week programme, with weekly support sessions, assignments, and faculty evaluations for each participant. On completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate.

The idea behind this training programme is to allow for further growth in our teams. We are very fortunate to have such talented and ambitious team members and we want to do everything we can to provide them with the mentorship and training they need to grow and advance, both personally and professionally.

Investing in this type of holistic support forms part of our overall mission to provide a culture of quality and care here at Ally. We are driven to attain and retain the best people and by ‘the best people,’ we don’t just mean in terms of academic ability. Our team is highly qualified, of course, but more than that, they are kind. This element of kindness has proven to be vital for our success. As our business continues to grow rapidly, instilling this culture further by nurturing our team is our top priority. Naturally, this level of investment leads to an even higher quality of service for our customers. 

It has been a milestone year for us and we’re very proud of how far we’ve come in a short amount of time. The launch of this programme represents an exciting step for us and as it rolls out, we are looking forward to developing further ongoing training programmes in future. 

Best of luck to our Emerging Leaders! We appreciate all your hard work and can’t wait to see you flourish.

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New Emerging Leaders Training Programme