How to succeed in a candidate driven market?

In the past year, we have seen a huge increase in hiring activity. In tandem with this increase is a marked shift in candidate expectations. Unlike before, people are now looking for novelty and flexibility above security. These two factors contribute to an overall shortage in qualified talent which puts additional pressure on those in executive search, with many companies now competing for the same candidates and skill sets. 

Candidates face their own work pressures and due to their sheer volume of work, there is a need for professionals working in search to fight harder to contact the right candidate and at the right time.

The executive search industry has also grown in size with the number of executive search firms in the UK increasing 2.5% on average between 2017-2022 and is expected to grow by 103.9% in 2022. This is expected to lead to overall competition for access to the right candidates to increase two fold. 

Here’s a recap of the challenges:

  1. There’s been a huge increase in hiring activity
  2. It’s a candidate market meaning that the top candidates have their choice of offers
  3. Candidates are busy and it can be hard to find candidates at the right time
  4. There’s more competition than ever from other executive search firms

So, how can Ally help?

The increase in hiring activity means that executive search professionals are busier than ever. By working with Ally, you can save time. Your dedicated Ally takes the headache out of research and gives you back 25% of your working year by providing you with dedicated candidate research. 

Your Ally will also provide you with live market research which will help you access the right candidates at the right time, based on what else is going on in that industry. With this knowledge, you can access these candidates before your competitors. We also provide you with email addresses so you’ll never face a contact issue again!

Here’s a recap of how we can help:

  • Your dedicated Ally saves you time (and as a result, money)
  • They’ll give you access to the right people through candidate research
  • And at the right time through live market research
  • You’ll receive these details before your competitors complete with contact information

How to best succeed in a candidate driven market