Finally meeting in person!

The importance of forming human connections

A key learning for Greg from this trip was the importance of being in front of people and making honest connections with the team. Especially in an industry that’s all about finding the right people, it is important to understand what drives the ones behind all those Zoom calls. Greg found that meeting the team in person was the most productive way to bring out the best in everyone. Greg noted, too, that since he came back, all of the calls, virtual sessions and remote work have been far more meaningful after getting to know the team on a personal level.

Greg explains how “seeing physical manifestations of everything you’re working for can truly lift spirits as a team leader.” While the trip was a realisation of what the Ally team has achieved and how they have grown, interacting up close also helped examine operations the way virtual meetings simply couldn’t. Some internal challenges take much longer with online briefs and virtual meetings. When a business is growing rapidly and trying to scale effectively without compromising on quality, looking at cracks up-close can reduce the amount of effort needed to improve things.

“These meetings gave me commercial insights around people’s abilities because I realised that while a young and vibrant team brings passion, a little support and additional training would benefit all of us”, adds Greg.

Shared values

“Meeting the team gave me an opportunity to share my vision and how we’re perceived as a company, so we can work on establishing a brand together,” says Greg. An added benefit of this is how it brings together a shared sense of growth within the whole team. It is important to enjoy the journey with people you like, respect and share similar values with. For Ally, the next stage is set and the whole team is in on it. “I saw a fire in them when our Head of Learning & Development, Arushi, and Saad, Head of Technology and Senior Team Lead, shared their clever and pragmatic plans for Ally.”

Ally’s future

Sharing what touched his heart the most, Greg talks about the ‘atithi-devo-bhava’ (guest is God) hospitality and generosity he experienced at Ally’s new Mumbai office. Sharing his thoughts about future visits, Grey adds that “I definitely hope to meet the team more often so I can witness the different values they bring to the table and I’m already planning my next visit so we can brainstorm about Ally’s future together.”

Connecting with the team on a human level, sharing values and working towards a unified vision directly strengthens the team, giving clients more professional, consistent and quality results. Keeping the focus on our core values of quality, kindness, curiosity and courage, Ally is set to deliver an even better service for our clients.

“I went from seeing the team on 10-12 video calls a week over the last two years to actually speaking to 20 members every morning” says Greg Simidian, Ally’s CEO and Co-founder about his recent visit to Ally’s first in-person office in Mumbai, India. Ally has been run virtually by Greg and Manish Dhanuka, Co-founder and Head of India, for the past three years; this was the first time the complete Ally team were able to meet in person.” – Greg Simidian, The Ally Venture

Greg Simidian, the Ally Venture at their Mumbai office with their team