Offshore outsourcing: what’s working and what isn’t 

What’s working and what isn’t for recruiters using offshore outsourcing

In this video, Ally’s CEO and co-founder, Greg Simidian, discusses what’s important when it comes to making offshore outsourcing work for recruiters. Having served the executive search community for two years now, we know that executive search workloads are heavy, especially in the current candidate-driven market, where the pressure of high numbers of open vacancies and tight deadlines is intense. Often, recruiters end up spending the majority of their time on candidate research and other time-consuming administrative tasks. This is precious time spent away from clients and candidates and does not contribute at all to progression or allowing businesses to scale.  

Outsourcing these tasks is a practical, sensible solution. However, it comes with its own set of concerns, especially when it comes to offshore outsourcing, around value, quality and trust. Greg addresses these concerns, outlining what is needed to ensure the best quality service for recruiters. He also describes Ally’s core values and gives a roadmap for what it’s like to work with Ally.

What is needed to make offshore outsourcing work?

Greg explains that in order for offshore outsourcing to work, your analyst needs to have a sense of purpose and you need to feel that the service has made a difference to your success, not just in the short-term but over a long span of time. In addition, there needs to be long-term consistency in the quality of the service. Greg goes into detail on Ally’s core values of quality, care and curiosity, which contribute directly to Ally’s clients’ satisfaction in the service

Working with Ally

In order to have a successful, high-quality and consistent service, it all starts with your brief. Greg explains how your journey with Ally starts with a video call where your analyst learns about your business and runs through what you need, in detail. Your analyst will sense-check what you need during the call and afterwards, will compile your brief and send it to you for approval. This step acts as a quality check, to ensure we are meeting your requirements. Once you’ve approved the brief, Ally starts working on ‘benchmark profiles.’ These are a set of profiles we put together to check that we are on the right track. Ally’s aim is to get you the most accurate results so that you are satisfied with the majority of the profiles you receive.  

Then, on an ongoing basis, you will have a weekly meeting to check in with your analyst or team leader to discuss what went well and where there is room for improvement. The function of this call is two-fold: to review the success of all your projects and to build the relationship with your analyst to ensure a consistent level of quality over time.  

This series of quality checks and weekly meetings take in all a 30 minute investment of your time each week. This brief time commitment leads to you saving days on research, allowing you to generate value by focusing more on offers and spending time with your candidates and clients.

About Ally

Ally is an offshore outsource partner for recruitment firms that takes on the heavy lifting of candidate research. Ally’s core focus is quality of research and a genuine care for its customers. Ally management has a background in serving investment banks, lawyers and professional services and applies the rigour of these sectors to the search and recruiter community.

If you would like to see what it’s like to work with Ally, we offer a completely FREE 21-day discovery trial where you gain full access to our service. This means you have the support of a team lead and a dedicated Ally analyst carrying out candidate research and talent analytics for you for an entire 21-day period. No commitment, no cost, no catch.

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