Ally welcomes Paul Skevington, Director of Business Development 

Meet Paul Skevington

Ally’s New Director of Business Development 

Ally is excited to introduce our new Director of Business Development, Paul Skevington. With a diverse background spanning television production, recruitment, and international adventures, Paul brings a unique perspective to his role at Ally. Here, Paul discusses his approach to overcoming challenges, the importance of collaboration and problem-solving, and how nurturing a positive work culture is essential.   

From television to recruitment: Paul’s journey to Ally

Born out of a love for challenges and a thirst for adventure, Paul embarked on a journey that led him from the fast-paced world of television production to the dynamic world of recruitment. Paul first met Ally’s CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Simidian during his recruitment days in London. Fate intervened several years later when Paul and Greg crossed paths again and Greg invited Paul to join the Ally team. 

Embracing challenges

For Paul, challenges are not obstacles but opportunities waiting to be conquered. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing as the child of mountaineers, he approaches each challenge with resilience and determination. “My parents were real mountaineers,” Paul recalls. “Most of my childhood was spent ascending mountains in blizzards and rain. It instilled in me a willpower to overcome any obstacle.” 

Cultivating success through passion

At the heart of Paul’s role at Ally lies a genuine belief in the company’s mission and values. Having witnessed the evolution of Ally’s quality and culture firsthand, Paul expresses his passion for the company. “I genuinely believe in Ally,” says Paul. “It’s not just about the product; it’s about the culture of kindness, decency, and communication that sets Ally apart. . . . I see it from the clients and the feedback we get.

Aspiring for impact 

Looking ahead, Paul is driven by his desire to be part of Ally’s transformative journey: “I want to see Ally achieve its vision and leave a lasting impact on the outsourcing industry.” 

As the face of Ally, Paul takes pride in creating a positive first impression for clients and colleagues alike. His role involves leading and guiding others, setting the tone for Ally’s welcoming and inclusive culture. “I enjoy being the first person at the door, leading people in,” shares Paul. “It’s about making a lasting impression and fostering meaningful connections.” 

Paul’s solution-focused mindset and spirit of resilience is a boon to Ally and its clients.  As Paul continues to pursue his ambitious goals, he stands as a testament to the values and vision of Ally. 

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Meet Paul Skevington, Ally's New Director of Business Development